FAQ Questions


What’s the minimum investment? 0.02 BTC ($20 USD)


What’s the size of the matrix and what are the donation requirements per level?


Admin Fee: 0.02 BTC
Level 1: 0.05 BTC
Level 2: 0.09 BTC
Level 3: 0.30 BTC
Level 4: 2.00 BTC


Is this peer to peer? Yes, admin doesn’t have control of the money, the bitcoin will go straight to the member.


Do I have to recruit? it’s best to recruit, or have a co op with either Tom or other team leaders to get the spillover.


How can i know I’ll make money with this? If everyone is making money from this, so will you.


Is your information protected? Yes it is and won’t be shared with anyone.


Can you have more than one account? Yes, we advise having 3-20+ accounts.


Does this have a subscription or a one time payment? The admin fee and level fees are one time payments.


Are there any fees? Please make sure you look, fees do apply but for different processors.


Can I request a refund? If you mess up on donating for your level you can request to get a refund from the person you sent it to. But other than this, there is no refund as it’s peer to peer.


Is this legal? Yes it’s legal.


Do I have to pay taxes on this? You have to pay taxes on everything, when its involved with currency, however we have bitcoin so it’s still up to you to sort your taxes out, but bitcoin does reduce taxes.


How secure is the website from hackers? We have SSL on our server and our security is hacker proof.


How long will it take me to earn back my investment? On the 2nd paying lead.


Who are the owners? Tom Kent and Simon Huppertz


Who are the moderators and what is their role? So far we have one moderator. We will have a lot more but their main job is to look after the Facebook group, answer questions, general support, etc.


What payment processors do you use? Currently Bitcoin, we may have others in the future.


How do i withdraw and how long does it take to get it? Donations are sent directly to your bitcoin wallet.

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